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If you are experiencing backache and neck pain complaints without a directed cause of the pain, it is possible your pelvis is misaligned. The KPR therapy focusses on eliminating the main cause of many backache en neck complaints, by normalizing the pelvis in relation to the spine.

How does the Krullaards Perfect Reset treatment work?

Part of the KPR therapy is the use of an innovative and comfortable device called the Krullaards Perfect Reset Plate. The KPR Therapy using this equipment results in more then 90% of the treated patients an alignment of the pelvis and a normalization of the position of the spine. After a series of measurements and analysis by the therapist the treatment on the KPR Plate is conducted and this results in an immediate alignment of the pelvis and a normalization of the spine. (90% succes ratio) Possible fractured or compressed nerves can be released and most often the original pain complaints disappear quickly.

Convincing results

Patients are convinced of the quick and effective functioning of the device/therapy. The pain most often immediately disappears. In most cases the therapy also results in other measurable positive effects such as blood pressure normalization, reduced bathroom visit at night and improved reflexes in both the arms and legs. These additional positive effects can be explained by the restored functioning of the nerve system. The compression of the nerves causes a restoration of the autonomous reflex bow, which then can result in improved signals to the various internal organs and resulting in the subsequent improved functioning of the respective internal organs.

Back- and pelviscentre Delft

KPR Delft is located in the Delftechpark and is easy assessable through the A13. From our experience in physiotherapy and manual therapy we have found that many people experience chronic backache and neck pain complaints. With the KPR therapy we have found a treatment for these patients. The results that we have received on patients who have been treated with the KPR plate are remarkable.

Our KPR physiotherapists

KPR Delft Joop van Leersum

Joop van Leersum

Physiotherapist since 1983. I started as a child physiotherapist. After that I worked as manager and head physiotherapist at Rijndam Revalidatie in Rotterdam.  Among other studies, I studied auditor of quality assurance HKZ and NIAZ in healthcare. Besides physiotherapy I work as a project manager in sports.

KPR Delft Peter Lageweg

Peter Lageweg

Physiotherapist since 1983 and a manual therapist since 1992. In 1985 I started as a physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Medisch Centrum Delft. I am co-founder of KPR Delft in 2014.

Contact us

To determine if the KPR therapy is suitable for you, we recommend you to inquire for an intake appointment at KPR ​Delft. This way the physiotherapist can help you to decide if the treatment can be effective considering your specific complaints. You can contact us by filling out the form below, call or e-mail us:

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Locatie Delft

06 3103 5181

Delftechpark 11
2628 XJ Delft

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